Cute Mini Goldendoodles- ONE HANDSOME BOY LEFT!!!

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One handsome boy left (Mr. Light Green).
There will be no price reductions, Mr. Light Green will be kept as he is worth every penny, he is very loving and a good boy and we absolutely adore him.
Our beautiful Mini Goldendoodle gave birth to 6 amazing puppies.
We are a loving family home and the puppies will have 8 weeks of loving and as much teaching as they can take in! I will be trying to puppy pad train as much as I can and try and teach basic commands, so they hopefully have some basic skills learned before going on to their forever-loving homes! Please note I have stated I will try my best with these puppies to teach them the basic skills that we all want from our dogs but at no stage is this a promise or guarantee that they will come to you knowing everything.
We are not a licensed breeder, this is our family pet who we adore and these puppies will never see a kennel and will be raised in our home getting maximum fuss and attention daily! These puppies will be very well socialized with our other dogs a giant breed dog so they will not be scared of any dogs.
Our beautiful Mumma Fifi stands at 15/16 inches to the withers and the Dad stands at 19 inches, which gives you a rough size of what you should be expecting from your pup.
These are hypo-allergenic dogs and having a higher percentage of Poodle means they will be non-shedding.
The puppies now have their first injection and are microchipped, we also flea and worm them regularly. They have also been vet-checked and are all in excellent health.
Mumma is our F1b Mini Goldendoodle, with her mum being the Mini Goldendoodle who is fully health tested and dad is an AKC Fox Red Mini Poodle who also has been health tested and we have a copy of his AKC paper.
Dad is an Australian Labradoodle and comes fully health tested.
These puppies will be getting 100% of our love and attention and we want nothing more but for them to go to equally loving homes!
The puppy pack will Scented blanket
Mums parent's health test akc paper and PRA
Dad’s health test
Dad’s elbow and hip score
some toys
bag of food they will be on
Four weeks free insurance
The last remaining puppy is now ready to collect.
For more information, you can email, call text, or visit our
Email: [email protected]
Phone number:
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